Committees of the Association

Labor Committee

Chris Lewis, Chair, C/PA
Adam Brooks, Vice Chair, Ceres Terminals
Irby Banquer, C/PA
David Eckles, Ports America
John Favalora, Southern Stevedoring
Thomas Griffith, Red Hook Conro Terminals
Jerry Kneisler, SSA Gulf
Mike Lynch, Gulf Stevedoring
Bert Maylin, Ceres Terminals
David Morgan, C/PA
Nico Schaefer, Schaefer Stevedoring

Labor Advisory Committee

Jarred Bowles, Southern Stevedoring
Dennis Fitzmaurice, C/PA
Fernando Gonzalez, C/PA
Dave Harper, Ports America
Gerard Hill, C/PA
Don Johnson, C/PA
Ian Joslin, Marine Terminals Corporation East
Justin Ripoll, Gulf Stevedoring
Shane Taylor, SSA Gulf

Training and Safety Committee

David Morgan, Chair, C/PA
Chris Lewis, C/PA
Adam Brooks, Ceres Terminals

Insurance Committee

Leonard Clark, Chair, Shippers Stevedoring
Adam Brooks, Ceres Terminals
Eric Gustafson, Metro Ports
Steve Hughes, Ports America
Ken Kidwell, Shippers Stevedoring
Alex Montoya, C/PA
Melissa Nixon, Port of Houston (ex oficio)
Mark Vacek, Port of Houston (ex oficio)

Finance Committee

Irby Banquer, Chair, Ayers Shipping
Don Johnson, Vice Chair, C/PA
David Morgan, C/PA
Jerry Kneisler, SSA Gulf
David Eckles, Ports America
Troy Gouger, Suderman Stevedores

Government Bureaus and Agencies Committee

Steen Pedersen, Chair, Biehl & Co.
Bill Davis, T. Parker Host
Peggy Hoegh-Grays, Norton Lilly International
Bob Lain, Moran Shipping Agencies
Neil Ligertwood, Wilhelmsen Ships Services
Richard Russell, AET
Denise Schaefer, Odfjell USA
Stacie Speckman, Inchcape Shipping Services
Tom Remboldt, Leeward Agencies

Computer Committee

Irby Banquer, Ayers Shipping
Don Johnson, C/PA
Jerry Kneisler, SSA Gulf