Committees of the Association

Labor Committee

Chris Lewis, Chair, C/PA
Willis Cassidy, APS Stevedoring
Elliott Crist, Ports America
Chris Dugas, Federal Marine Terminal
David Eckles, Ports America
Thomas Griffith, Red Hook Terminals
David Halbert, Houston Mooring
John Horan, Texas Mooring
Nate Jankowiak, Gulf Stevedoring
Will Jelks, Red Hook Terminals
Don Johnson, C/PA
Mike Lynch, Gulf Stevedoring
Robert Marshall, Ceres Terminals
Bert Maylin, Ceres Terminals
David Miller, Container Maintenance
David Morgan, Cooper T. Smith Stevedoring
Robert O’Bannion, RCS
Joe Perez, Integrated Industries
Robert Reimer, Marine Terminal Corp East
Alyssa Roberts, RCS
Phillip Rogers, Sonic Stevedores
Nico Schaefer, Schaefer Stevedoring
Walter Smith, SSA
John Taylor, Houston Mooring
Shane Taylor, SSA Gulf
Joe Thornton, Federal Marine Terminal
Travis Wright, Marine Terminal Corp East

Labor Advisory Committee

Rick Bettencourt, SSA
Scott Bowman, Ports America
Cesar Escamilla, Ceres
Robert Henkel, Ceres
Gerard Hill, C/PA
Justin Ripoll, Gulf Stevedoring
Ryan Whitmire, C/PA

Training and Safety Committee

David Morgan, Chair, Cooper T. Smith Stevedoring
Chris Lewis, C/PA
Adam Brooks, Ceres Terminals

Finance Subcommittee

Chris Noble, Chair, Dole Fresh Fruit
David Eckles, Ports America
Don Johnson, C/PA